Leadership Rooted in Business Strength

Phase II:  Creating the Development Plan

  1. Assist client in preparing a development plan in response to the assessment report.

  2. Facilitate three-way meeting between the client and his or her supervisor to discuss plan and gain agreement.

  3. Revise development plan based on insights gained from three-way meeting.

Phase III:  Ongoing Coaching

  1. Meet with client to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors identified in the development plan.

  2. Employ the correct balance of the coaching model

  3. Make course corrections, add and/or delete development plan line items as necessary; keep feedback loop flowing.

  4. Coordinate follow-up meeting with supervisor to review progress and make adjustments in the development plan and coaching focus.

For optimal outcomes, Bob Vavrina follows a three-phase process with clients at every level – emerging leaders, managers, directors, vice-presidents and C-suite executives.

Phase 1:  Conducting the Assessment

  1. Meet with client to clarify coaching objectives, measurements and the overall process.

  2. Conduct the assessment using a combination of data collection sources (e.g., in-depth interviews; psychological and leadership style instruments; 360° feedback).

Analyze data and prepare comprehensive report highlighting strengths and development needs and also providing suggestions for response.