Leadership Rooted in Business Strength

vFormation Coaching delivers performance results in different ways, at multiple levels of an organization and in different contexts.  Drawing from 30 years of experience in HR and organizational development, Bob Vavrina specializes in the following areas of coaching.

  1. Executive and C-level leaders: Performance demands are keenest and exceedingly high-profile at the executive and C-suite levels.  Coaching at the pinnacle of an organization can deliver results across the enterprise and is most effective when approached in a peer-to-peer manner between the executive and the coach.  In that context, both bring exceptional accomplishments and expertise to the relationship, and their unique strengths often lead to new levels of success.

  2. Emerging leaders: People in management ranks or high-performing individual contributors can be highly receptive to skills development as they pursue professional advancement.  Coaching at this level enables all organizations to maximize the output, engagement, commitment and performance of these leaders, optimizing their value as human capital assets.

  3. Team Dynamics: Identifying and balancing the leadership potentials and styles within mission-critical teams are crucial for top performance.  Experienced coaches know how to develop and blend the unique strengths of team members and establish the best possible dynamic for exceptional team results.

  4. Executive Assessment: In all these areas, optimal outcomes depend on expert assessment at the beginning of the process.  Three-sixty and other forms of assessment enable precise goal-setting at the outset of coaching.  Further into the engagement, assessment enables measurement of outcomes and mid-course goals refinement.